I Could Tweet This Everyday

We just finished our annual campus ministry summit. Over 200 of our campus missionaries from around the Philippines gathered to worship God, reconnect with one another, hear His Word, and pray together.

It’s in times like these that I’m reminded of what a blessing it is to be doing something that you know God called you to do. No matter what your line of work, God has a call for you. I pray that you find what He’s called you to do and experience the joy at working hard at something for Him.

But besides working at something you love doing, what makes it more special is working with excellent and amazing people. And really, this is one of my greatest joys at work and in life. It takes plenty of people to do campus ministry successfully:

  • there are administrators who are, in their own words, “Happy to serve!” (clap, clap);
  • there are volunteers who bring passion and expertise;
  • there are pastors who provide oversight and guidance;
  • there are campus missionaries who strategize and disciple students directly;
  • And of course, there’s God who blesses our work, and more importantly saved us and sent us to help others.


If there’s one thing I could tweet everyday, it was actually already tweeted by a great friend and colleague, Ryan Tan a few weeks ago:

It reads,

Im blessed to be surrounded by godly & brilliant leaders. God knows I can’t do it alone. #Leadership #TeamMinistry #Friends

Everyday at work, it is such a blessing to look around at the people who are working beside you. Left to myself I would get nowhere fast, but together with other people and by the grace of God, we might just accomplish something worthwhile.

I hope all of us could one day experience the same thing: the joy of working at what God called you to do, with people you know He’s called you to walk with.

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