The Impact of Your Life

Sorry for the late blog. Our family is in Singapore now to minister at our church here. We had a great first event! And I’m just as happy that Philip performed excellently on his first ever plane ride!

Yesterday, our organization, Every Nation Philippines, recognized men and women who were entering campus ministry. It’s been great getting to know them and training them. I look forward to working with them and hearing about their successes in ministry and life.

We also took the time to honor administrative staff who had served excellently for 5 and 10 years. One of the ones recognized was Ruth Ruiz. I was a high school student when I first met Ruth. She was the administrative assistant in our church, and was cheerful, ready to serve, and always going above and beyond her assignment.


So I Instagrammed this picture of her, which shared it to Facebook and Twitter as well. In no time at all, the Facebook post got many likes and comments from people who have been touched by her life.

You see, while Ruth has never preached at any conferences, and  I can’t remember her ever being given the title of director, senior pastor, or CEO, she has always served with love for others and love for God. That is why she is so influential. She disciples young women, not as a job, but because she loves them. And she is always encouraging to anyone she meets.

The comments included people from Hawaii, Spain, Australia, Kuwait, the US, and Saipan. And those are just the ones who saw the picture. It would be impossible to measure the impact of the actions of this woman who is happy to serve in the background.

I think of this kind of impact when I remember how Jesus said the greatest would be the “servant of all.” Too often, we use the world’s lenses when judging the greatest – the most famous, the most popular, the wealthiest, the highest ranking, etc.

I think we will be very surprised when we cross over to the afterlife and see how God really evaluated things. The things we think make one great will count for little. And the things we overlooked were apparently eternally significant.

Thanks for your example, Ate Ruth! I pray that we will all be more like that – slow in receiving credit, but quick to serve.

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