Calvin and Hobbes on Sinfulness

I’ve always liked Calvin and Hobbes. One of the reasons is how it is so fun and fantastic to see things from a little boy’s perspective, but he occasionally throws in some deep and piercing reflections. Like this one:


It’s funny until I remember that I’m like that: quick to complain about other people’s flaws, but willfully blind to my own.

When someone’s rude I think he’s a jerk. When I’m rude, it’s because I had a good reason to be. When someone cuts me off, he’s a road hazard and I sometimes hope he gets into an accident. When I cut someone else off, I was wily and have a good reason for rushing.

We all have this human compulsion to complain about the flaws of others while overlooking our own. Last Sunday, I preached about what the Bible says about what God thinks about our double standard. You can hear the podcast here or just download it instead.

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