Yesterday Was Awesome

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking to some of the Feast Builders of the Kerygma movement lead by Brother Bo Sanchez. Everytime I interact with anyone from this movement, I’m encouraged by their faith, their humility, and their excellence in everything they do.

I had two hours to train them, field their questions, and meet some of them. Two hours definitely wasn’t enough, and I’m looking forward to a next time.

Yesterday was great!

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After that I had meetings with our national campus ministry team. We just went through a season of restructuring and it was so fun to watch everyone own their roles and perform the tasks expected of them and more! The right kind of people to work with love high standards because they take pride in delivering quality work. And it’s so great to have a team full of those people.

One of my favorite moments in leadership is to watch the team you’ve raised continue to perform so well as you step aside and even take it to new heights.

Yesterday was great!


All in between those things were a number of one-on-one conversations with some of our colleagues. Each conversation was different but I was grateful to all of them for their heart and honesty. When you and your coworkers can have honest, unfiltered conversations and still walk together united you know you’re in a great team.

Yesterday was great!


But then I got stuck in traffic for over an hour! I know, I know, it’s Manila… What do you expect… But that was still weirdly congested yesterday. It seemed like everywhere we passed it was crawling.

When I finally got to my family, Carla said Philip’s head shot up and spun around as soon as he heard my voice. Then he smiled at me and said his first word, “Papa.”

I love working hard at what I do with these amazing people, but nothing brings joy and satisfaction like family.

Yesterday was awesome.

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