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Last Saturday, when I finally had a whole day free, I fulfilled one of my promises to Carla by taking our books out of storage, sorting through all of them, and placing them in the cabinet in proper categories. It was a Herculean task, made more complex by Philip’s insistence on inspecting all of the books himself (cute!), and my extremely runny nose caused by my allergies to dust (not cute!). I had no other plans that day and was glad for a short break after all the work in November and before the deluge of holiday season activities.

But I had a series of visits anyway throughout the day. A friend in ministry texted and said there were some changes in his life that he wanted to talk about. We hadn’t had a personal conversation in months so it was a good time to catch up. So he dropped by in the morning. Then four of the men who were in my Victory group before happened to have lunch nearby. They came upstairs with two of them staying to help with the books. I appreciated their assistance, and we also used the time for more discipleship talks from 2 till around 4. Lastly, another friend in ministry wanted some counsel. He has recently accepted greater responsibility in ministry and is always seeking advice. We had a great talk into the early evening.

This wasn’t a burden for me, because there’s always time for what you prioritize. When something’s important for you you MAKE TIME for it. If you don’t, if you can’t, then it just means that wasn’t that important to you. All of those men were busy also. They had stuff to do that day as well. But they were able to do this because they had two things going for them:

  • Humility – They knew they weren’t smart enough on their own. They needed many advisers.
  • Diligence – They did the difficult thing, because it would have great results for them in the future.

Humility and Diligence. When you read the book of Proverbs, you’ll find that these two traits are some of the most significant foundations and fruits of Wisdom. Proverbs also repeatedly talks about how the wise seek counsel and get help, while the fool insists he is smart enough on his own. Which one are you being?

So, let’s apply now. Who are the people you’ve been neglecting that you need to Make Time for? Stop giving yourself excuses. Go! Do it this week. Today! You’ll be glad you did.

Not a perfect formula. But it'll do for now.
Not a perfect formula. But it’ll do for now.


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