Your Choice

Someone once said, “Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.” Some websites credit it to Wayne Dyer, some to Michael Hyatt, and some to Woody Allen. So let’s settle the controversy once and for all and let’s just say the Simpsons did it first.

Whoever said it first, it’s true. Where we are today is only a reflection of the many individual choices we’ve all made in our lives. Obviously, we all have different situations in our life but what we do with them is our choice. It can be tempting to blame others because of how we’re born, what our family background is, how people have treated us, etc. But we must all face the fact that we are where we are today because of our choices.

The good news is if we don’t like where we are right now, we can also choose differently. If you don’t like your financial situation then choose to do something different about it. If you want more from your career then choose what you want to do to improve on it. It might not work, but what if it does? And one thing is for sure, if you do nothing then nothing will change. Also to delay your choice is to choose to do nothing.

Here’s a preaching I did last Sunday at Victory Fort which touches on this topic. You can also check out the rest of the series here. Or you can watch it.


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