Accountability is Sought

Trying a new format of blogs. I’ve been horribly inconsistent in 2015 because of a lot of writing I have to do at work. So I’m going with much shorter microblogs. Here’s today’s entry.

Thought for the day by Paolo Punzalan:

“Accountability is sought (by you), not demanded (by others).”

If you avoid being accountable to others then sin & destruction are not far away. The wise person asks people to hold him accountable and gives them permission to speak into his life.

Giving someone permission is basically saying, “I want you to comment on anything you see in my life. Don’t wait till it’s a major issue. Don’t wait till everybody knows. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Correct me immediately and I will appreciate you for it.”

The question is do you have anyone that you have that kind of arrangement with?

  • If yes, are they people who you can trust to give you godly advice?
  • If no, why not? Do you think you know everything and don’t need anyone else? Or is it because you don’t know anyone like that?
How you respond to correction tells us a lot about you.
How you respond to correction tells us a lot about you.


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