Bishop Manny and Vin Diesel

***This will be the intro in a series of four blogs about men I’ve worked with who have recently transitioned to a different role or season. They’re colleagues and friends, but really they are almost as close to me as my own brothers.***

I once asked Bishop Manny Carlos how he developed such strong relationships with the men he works with today. He said,

“We didn’t just work together. We did battle together.”

That’s the thing with asking prophets, you have to get more practical with the prophetic imagery.

“Do you mean you worked on the same projects?”

“That’s a small part of it. It wasn’t just about the work. We prayed for one another’s families. We were there during each other’s challenges.

I fight their battles with them, like they fight mine with me – whether it’s with finances, health, work, anything. I know I’m not going through this life alone because of my friendship with them.”

I remembered this conversation while traveling to the U.S. last December. It seemed so random

  • Maybe it was because I was away from the daily grind of work.
  • Maybe because four of my closest friends in ministry have all made significant transitions within twelve months of each other.
  • Maybe I just finished watching Furious Seven – the latest from the Fast and the Furious franchise.

I knew that last scene was coming up. I’d seen the music video, heard the song, but the feels still hit me like a truck. Thankfully Philip slept through the part where his dad’s eyes began to sweat.

Behind the ridiculous action sequences, the series is all about family and brotherhood. Vin Diesel’s character is driven by concern for his criminal empire extended family more than anything else.

Fast and the Furious 8?

That’s how life is supposed to be lived. Not the cars part, but with family. With brothers and sisters who you know have your back, just as you have theirs.

Do you have people like that? Are you a person like that? Please follow along with me, as I share some about some people who have been like that to me.

Wednesday, January 20: Carlos Antonio

Friday, January 22: Ryan Tan

Monday, January 25: Dan Monterde

Wednesday, January 27: CJ Nunag

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