How to Make the Most of 2017: Count Your Days

It’s January 2. The new year has promises of fresh starts, great plans, and high expectations. This is a three part series on how to make the most of it. If we follow these steps, then the excitement we feel at the start will turn to celebration at the end.

If we want to make 2017 an epic year, then we need to remember that it’s not unlimited. We’ve all committed to doing something at the beginning of the year only to arrive at the end with the task still unfinished. This is usually followed by, “I can’t believe it’s December already! It feels like 2016 just started!” So whatever those plans are, remember that there is a limited amount of time to get them done.

I heard an unforgettable nugget of wisdom from Rachel Ong, CEO and founder of Rohei and Cozeh. She’s also a member of Every Nation Singapore and consultant for Every Nation globally.

She said,

“If you want a great year, you just need twelve great months. If you want a great month, you need four great weeks. If you want a great week, you need seven great days. If you want a great day, you need twenty-four great hours. And if you want a great hour, you need sixty great minutes.”

I love this because it breaks down the daunting task of having a great year and makes it bite-sized. Have great minutes and hours – love your family, work hard, get some rest, eat well, pray to God. If we do this, we’ll have great days. And if we have great days, we’ll have a great year.

Count your days. Make it a habit to ask yourself from time to time, “Is this a great minute? Am I using this hour well? At the end of the year, will I be glad I spent the day this way?” If we do this, 2017 will be our best year yet.

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

What are some great minutes or hours that you can do today?

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