03: Soup, Ken Burns, Intro/Extro, and Getting Into Movies

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Joe talks about his love for soups. Carla talks about Ken Burns the person behind the effect. We discuss Introversion and Extroversion and the benefits and harms of labels. Then Joe gives his thoughts about getting into movies.
Time Codes:
05:19 – Joe is into soups.
11:25 – Carla is into Ken Burns
21:16 – Studying Storytelling Choices
24:24 – Topic of the Day: Introversion and Extroversion
32:08 – The Benefit of Labels35:48 – The Downside of Labels #1
37:22 – Personal Projects over Personalities
44:49 – Introversion or Shyness?46:57 – The Downside of Labels #2
52:20 – Q&A

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Episode 3