05: Moisturizer, Pilgrim’s Progress, and a Bunch of Marriage Questions

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Carla listens to Joe talk about the book he’s reading to Philip. Joe tries on some of Carla’s moisturizer. And we get into a lot of questions that were raised by the previous episode. ALSO we have new sound transitions. Send us and email on if you’re interested in hiring our voiceover talent. And we’re learning the new equipment. Sorry for some of the problems.

Time Codes:

01:51 – Joe is into the illustrated Pilgrim’s Progress
07:10 – Carla is into the Skin Fix Barrier Plus
11:48 – Topic of the Day: Questions About Marriage
14:00 – Marriage and Money (how we budget, who’s better at handling money, dual income homes)
34:50 – Marriage and Character (nagging wives, helicopter husbands, my partner’s past)
01:03:05 – Question and Answer

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