12: Five Questions for Reflecting on the Pandemic

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Our flight home was canceled so we’re still here. Here are some of our thoughts reflecting on this pandemic.

02:21 Carla is into
05:50 Joe is into reading The Hobbit to Philip
08:45 Philip is into cartoons
09:54 Topic of the Day: Pandemic Thoughts
10:28 What would you do differently if you knew there would be a pandemic?
16:19 What are some of your unexpected pains in this pandemic?
27:43 Hebrews 11 and the Philippines
30:37 What are some of your unexpected joys or benefits in this pandemic?
38:30 “I don’t want to do a call when a text would have done. I don’t want to do a face-to-face meeting when an online call would have done.”
39:42 How has this pandemic affected your values?
45:22 What are you learning about God during this pandemic?
54:10 Q&A: “Is it selfish of me to want my husband to make me happy?”

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