11: From the West to the East, From the Womb to the Mountains

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It’s a special Manu episode!

00:50 Joe is into Westerns
04:14 Carla is into everything Korean
15:25 Michael Breen and Mike Breen are different people
16:40 Philip is into Japanese Stuff
18:22 Special Episode: Manu Episode1
9:56 Challenges in Having Children
22:08 The Husband’s Role in Loving and Leading His Wife Through Reproductive Challenges
26:35 The Wisdom of God in Providing a Man and Woman as Parents
35:27 The Tension When One Parent Has Stronger Faith for an Issue Than the Other
39:52 Carla’s Default Mode
42:07 Joe Defends People Named Karen
43:40 The Idea for a Potential Homebirth is …birthed?
59:35 Manu the Unpredictable
01:05:34 Question of the Day: Dream Hiking Destination

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